On October 3, 1966 the Moscow City Executive Committee made a decision to build a diamond cutting factory in Moscow.

In accordance with the Council of Ministers of the USSR decree, the construction of the diamond-cutting factory was included to the list of the most important projects of the country. In November 1969, the Council of Ministers of the USSR decided to transfer the factory under construction from the Administration of “Goznak” of the Ministry of Finance of the USSR to the Ministry of Instrument-Making. Soon after the Ministry of Instrument-Making issued an order to rename the Moscow Diamond Cutting Factory to the Moscow plant “Kristall”.

On December 18, 1970 the first diamond was cut at the Moscow plant. Alexei Drikin, the graduate of the Technical vocational school No 150, produced it.

On December 25, 1970 the enterprise started the production. With good grade the fully operational the high-tech lapidary enterprise manufacturing top quality diamonds was affirmed by the State acceptance commission.

Two years later, on December 21, 1972 a diamond cutter Victor Chulkov cut the one-millionth diamond.


In September 1969, the Technical vocational school No 150 for personnel training was opened. Three hundred young Moscovites started to learn the trade of diamond-cutters.

The construction of the steelwork and precast concrete superstructure of the plant was finished by April 1970, and finishing work for internal premises of the building began. Along with the students of the Technical vocational school, four hundred trainees worked as apprentices at the plant itself. The first Russian jewelers from Smolensk plant “Kristall” assisted in setting the diamond cut in Moscow and young people training. According to the special government decree, a group of skilled professionals from Smolensk provided the training in Moscow.

The construction of the plant was at full tilt. In 1968-1969 the design of the facility was completed, and in 1969-1970 the building, machinery equipment and the whole infrastructure were finished. It took 27 months to build the plant. Karo Shehoyan the architect of the Moscow plant “Kristall” was awarded with the State Prize of the Russian Federation the RSFSR.

In November 1970, 300 workers the first graduates from the Technical vocational school No 150 were employed. The most capable of them undertook the internship at the Smolensk plant “Kristall” to study up the trade of production supervisors, diamond markers, diamond appraisers, quality inspectors.


During its first four years Moscow plant “Kristall” reached capacity production by processing 400 thousand carats of rough diamonds per year and producing diamonds worth $170 million.

1’603’209 diamonds of a total weight of 127’128 carats were cut during the year 1974 alone.

There were more than 2500 workers and 198 trainees at the plant.

Within a short time the plant became a successful, efficient and competent enterprise which earned hard currency for the country.

In June 1971 Alexei Kosygin, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, visited Moscow plant “Kristall”. By this time, there were more than 2500 workers and 198 trainees at the plant.

There were three production departments at the plant:

№1 – preprocessing of raw diamonds,

№2 – diamond cutting,

№3 – gold watch cases production.

Production departments №4 and №5 ensured instrument and mechanic repair.


The plant employees became many-time winners of the professional competitions, they were awarded with state and government prizes and received various marks of distinction for achieving and exceeding plan goals.

In 1978 the management of the industry changed. Two integrated plants appeared: the Moscow and the Smolensk. The Moscow Plant “Kristall”, integrated with the Kiev, the Vinnitsa and the Barnaul plants, and in 1982 the affiliated branch in Uzbek town of Shahrisabz joined the industrial group.

In 1980 the Moscow plant “Kristall” was named “The Model enterprise” for achieving and exceeding the state plans.

In 1982 the total number of the personnel of the enterprises belonging to the integrated group “Kristall” was 10’047 workers and 427 trainees. 8’524’738 diamonds for a total weight of 410’958 carats were cut.

In 1987 due to the new management structure of “Kristall” the services and production departments of the plant were reorganized.

From 1989 the Moscow industrial group “Kristall” turned over to the command of the Administration of Precious Metals and Precious Stones of the USSR, which reorganized the industrial group “Kristall” into the Moscow plant “Kristall” in 1991.

From 1994 the plant has been subordinated to the Russian Federation Committee for Precious Metals and Gems (Roscomdragmet).

At that time, “Kristall’ production came up to 40% of all the diamonds produced in Russia for export. “Kristall International”, the Russian-Belgian stock company, was established with its home office in Antwerpen.


The development of the enterprise and its success is the great tribute to the general directors of the plant:

1. Nikolai Potehin

May 1970 – October 1978

October 1978 – August 1980

1. Nikolai Pershin

1. Mikhail Podlegayev

August 1980 – March 1985

March 1985 – January 1994

4. Yuri Sorokin

5. Yuri Dmitriev

January 1994 – February 1998

February 1998 – March 2000

6. Sergei Blagoder

6. Vyacheslav Bichkov

March 2000 - August

September 2003 – March 2017

8. Sergei Oulin

9. Vadim Zolotariov

March 2017 – present time


In 1999 the Moscow plant “Kristall” was reorganized into State unitary production enterprise, on property complex of which at the same year the Joint Stock Company “Diamond World”, the successor of the Moscow Plant “Kristall” was established.

From March 2017 Vadim Zolotariov, General Director, is in charge of “Diamond World” JSC.

For more than thirty years the Moscow plant “Kristall” has been dealing with turning rough diamonds into cut diamonds, and has been rightfully considered as the leader of the domestic diamond cutting. Being the successor in business of “Kristall”, “Diamond World” JSC not only maintains the heritage and good traditions of the plant “Kristall”, but also carries the significant renovations for the diamond industry of Russia.


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